Meeting Your Market

Do you have an established market or are you wanting to boost your commercial herd?

"Beef Cattle and what it means"

Beef cattle serve a purpose. "To Produce QualityBeef" That's where Bazadais excel.

To start from a Breeding Herd for small, "Easy Calving", to "Growing" and adding weight to the progeny as fast and efficient as possible, to the "Processor" to get as much meat per article to maximise production and then to satisfy the end result "The Consumer" with a Tender Succulent piece of steak.

It is a long road to satisfy the whole beef chain and every business that is involved making it onto the plate. Same as Dairy cattle, their main purpose is to "produce as many litres" of milk from one cow in a day to maximise production and get more return per cow per day per annum.

Bazadais are renowned for their high yielding carcase and superior tender beef.

With the new technology of DEXA that is being looked at being put into all abattoirs across Australia, the Bazadais and Bazadais crosses are in the prime position for this technology and to gain extra money in your bank account as a commercial breeder whether selling at the sale yards or to the abattoir.


3 month old 2nd cross calf

Grand Dam: Black Hereford

same 2nd cross calf at 18months old

Boosting your Existing Market

If you have an established market, why not boost it with Bazadais Genetics without loosing all of your market traits. Bazadais Produce an even fat cover carcase with very minimal trimming to be done. Bazadais are not coatcolour dominant and 95% of your Bazadais cross calves will throw to the colour of your herd. The Bazadais will give you a higher yield, meaning you will have heavier stock with the same time and feed as your normal cross with other breeds. The most important and encouraging thing about the Bazadais is they will boost your herds tenderness.


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