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Nioka Bazadais

Last Update on 29 April 2015


Nioka Bazadais Stud began in 1993/1994 with the purchase of two recip cows pregnant with fullblood Bazadais embryo's from Bernie O'kane in Victoria (The original importer of Bazadais cattle into Australia.)

Since then we have mentored other Bazadais breeders, done numerous embryo programs to help kick start other Bazadais breeders.

We have had a complete enjoyment of working with the Bazadais breed.

The quality, temperament and growth that Bazadais excel in, is why we love the breed.



Folkslee Jester (Pure)(Poll) 18mths


Nioka Bazadais Stud is here to breed nothing but the best of Bazadais.

Nioka is here for the customer, the market, and the breed. Now with the purchase of a Pure Poll bull and other Poll lines coming on. Nioka is looking at increasing the sort out of Poll genetics. 

With strategic breeding of top bloodlines, we assure that the Bazadais quaility is up to the utmost standard and this is achieved by Nioka's best.

Make a Bazadais a part of your herd...


Think... Exceptional GROWTH, Quiet Temperament,

T E N D E R B E E F, More YIELD, less waste, Great Taste, feed efficient, HIGH QUALITY MEAT, Excellent Foragers, Bulls that won't let your breeders herd down...

Think... "Nioka Bazadais"...

Ever thought of having these qualities, and more in one animal?? At Nioka Bazadais that's what we strive for... To ensure our customers get the best return for their well spent dollar... Our stud at Nioka Bazadais have all the above qualities you are looking for and more, so don't hesitate to give us a call and ask some questions to learn more about the breed or to get a Nioka Bazadais Bull in your paddock Today...

 Bloodlines Nioka uses


  • Oscar (Fr)
  • Medium (Fr)
  • Cesar (Fr)
  • Fuseau
  • Jordy (Fr)
  • Ivan (Fr)
  • Babacool (Fr)
  • Jules (Fr)
  • Othello (Fr)
  • Ludo (Fr)
  • Marin (Fr)
  • Norbert (Fr)
  • Vallon (Fr)
  • Nickel (Fr)


  • Lolo (Fr)
  • Izuate (Fr)
  • Hector (Fr)
  • Talon (Fr)
  • Tom (Fr)
  • Pacha (UK)
  • Polux (UK)
  • Heggarscale Adam (UK)
  • Balrosa Aussie (AUS)
  • Rosebay Dynamite (AUS)
  • Balrosa El Rancho (AUS)
  • Nioka Tynan (AUS)
  • Baleze Caesar (AUS)

Nioka Bazadais

(07)46 911 064 

Contact Us

Last Update on 29 April 2015



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